Goodbye 2012!

Retrospective blog post time! 2012 was a fine year. I coauthored a paper, made some progress on a few more, started this here blog, went to the Congo, wrote a lot of code, and hopefully secured funding for my Ph.D. project. A bunch of folks visited this site from all over the world which always makes me happy. C’mon, though, Greenland! You’re a lot of grey in this map projection.

Here’s the highlight reel of the most popular pages, the top 13 in honor of 2013. Thanks for visiting and Happy New Year!

  1. Geometric Line Designs in R
  2. Similar Image Mosaic
  3. Lesula, New Monkey Species
  4. Preparing an Academic CV in LaTeX
  5. Repetition Code Demonstration
  6. Darwin Primate Mosaic
  7. Drawing Hats on a Monkey with Mechanical Turkers
  8. Primate Pet Legality Map
  9. ISIS Map of Mammals in Zoos
  10. World Map of IUCN Primates
  11. Markov Text Generation
  12. Chromosome Ideograms
  13. 3D Map of Global Treecover

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