RIP Google Reader

As I’ve said in the past, Google Reader is my preferred method to keep up-to-speed on current academic journals, letting me quickly browse article abstracts in one centralized location. Sadly, the world has just learned that the service is to be discontinued July 1, 2013. This has me sadder than it has any right to. I really love RSS feeds, especially as an academic trying to keep up with new literature and read specialty blogs that only update once every six months.

I understand that RSS feeds are hard to monetize for Google, but I would gladly pay for that service. Anyway, I just wanted to complain now, but hopefully I’ll find a replacement. Until then, I feel like this:


(Image of sad, sad gorilla by Flickr user Ian Enchiladas.)

  1. Alternatives? I checked out feedly last night and it was ok (although the website crashed under the strain of all the google reader’s panic…)

    • I tried out NewsBlur (which I paid for) and Feedly (which is free), and I think I’m definitely going with Feedly now. Not being able to email posts is a big annoyance and I miss my starred favorites, but on the whole I’m happy with it. I was in denial for awhile, hoping that Google would reverse their decision, but I think I’ve moved on. I still can’t imagine that the money saved from killing Reader was worth the bad PR.

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