Convert Markdown to Google Code Wiki Syntax

This one script I’d written awhile back, vcf-tab-to-fasta, has turned out to be surprisingly useful. (My previous write-up about it can be found here.) I was using it today and realized a few small improvements should be added. Now the script can optionally exclude heterozygous sites and optionally include the basepair of the reference genome.

In the process I’d updated, a Markdown file containing usage info. On GitHub the info is automagically displayed on the project’s front page—not so for Google Code. I didn’t want to manually reformat it, and luckily there was a quick solution: markowik.

sudo easy_install markowik
/usr/local/bin/markowik >

I love when problems have easy solutions.

Should I Buy a Slow Loris? (.com)

In honor of the slow loris that purportedly bit Lady Gaga, I registered a domain in the wee hours of the morning last night and built a website:

Should I Buy a Slow Loris (.com)

Hopefully it provides an answer to that question. If it does generate any money from the Donate button, I’ll pass all of it right along to slow loris conservation and research efforts, primatologist’s honor.

Thanks to @mdo for the Bootstrap template, Mark Dumont for the Flickr photo (CC BY 2.0), Schulze & Meier 1995 for the Slender loris sound (since slow loris vocalization are hard to find,) and Raptorize for the jQuery animation fun.

Forcibly Delete the Universe

This is the stuff nightmares are made of. When I was teaching a high school programming course, it took me awhile to gather up the courage to even type the following on a chalkboard:

rm -rf /

For non-command line cowboys in the audience, this is essentially a self-directed Avada Kedavra that tries to forcibly remove everything—all files, directories, and subdirectories—on a Linux or Mac machine starting at root.

I’ve never actually done so, and I pray to St. Isidore of Seville that I never do. Luckily, Quora user Eric Bowersox stepped in to bravely sacrifice an OS install for science:

Read Quote of Eric Bowersox’s answer to What will happen if I go the root directory in Linux/Mac and type the command rm -rf (forcibly remove all directories and subdirectories)? on Quora