Short and Blunt

There’s a fight been going down in the annals of Evolutionary Anthropology:

1.) Primate origins, human origins, and the end of higher taxa
by Matt Cartmill

2.) Higher taxa: An alternate perspective
by Ian Tattersall

3.) The end of higher taxa: A reply to Tattersall
by Matt Cartmill

And finally:

4.) Higher taxa: Reply to Cartmill
by Ian Tattersall

Here’s a copy of the last one:

(Thanks for pointing this out, Luca!)

“God’s obvious thermodynamic will”

There are many great pull quotes from Ben Ewen-Campen’s interview with Jon Sanders entitled, “Making snail smoothies in Hell.” This one should entice you to read the Sick Papes post in its entirety:

Basically you get life when you take high energy electrons from an electron donor, extract that energy by moving them to a lower energy state in an electron acceptor, and use the liberated energy to self-organize matter in a way that temporarily contravenes God’s obvious thermodynamic will for the universe to become an undifferentiated soup of entropy.