“God’s obvious thermodynamic will”

There are many great pull quotes from Ben Ewen-Campen’s interview with Jon Sanders entitled, “Making snail smoothies in Hell.” This one should entice you to read the Sick Papes post in its entirety:

Basically you get life when you take high energy electrons from an electron donor, extract that energy by moving them to a lower energy state in an electron acceptor, and use the liberated energy to self-organize matter in a way that temporarily contravenes God’s obvious thermodynamic will for the universe to become an undifferentiated soup of entropy.

Monkey Orchids

If you’re anything like me, you would love the Facebook group I Fucking Love Science. It updates many times per day, and I subscribe to it via RSS feed to make sure I don’t miss any posts (and to keep myself from logging onto Facebook more than once per day). If not for IFLS, I would not have known about monkey orchids, which are my new favorite plant. They shared this photo (compiled by another Facebook group, Beware of Images) of Dracula simia (the little monkey faces) and Orchis simia (the little dancing monkeys):

I’m trying to decide which monkey the faces most resemble. A guenon? Leontopithecus? Pithecia?