Narrated Slideshow Maker

I've written a program to quickly create narrated informational slideshow videos for uploading on to YouTube. The program takes two inputs. The first is a file of the text to be read in the slideshow. The second is a series of pictures or slides to be shown. The pictures can be in two forms: either a folder of picture files or a PowerPoint slideshow. To tell the program when to change slides, brackets in the text indicate where transitions will occur. The program then converts the text to audio, and converts the pictures to a slideshow, and the resultant movie can then be easily uploaded to YouTube.

Here's a video that explains the concept, which was created with the program:

Below is a video introduction to the greater bamboo lemur made with the program. The input file can be viewed here. The images were named 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.png, and so on.

If you're interested in creating an educational video, please contact me. New videos will be added to a special YouTube playlist, which I've embedded below.

My goal is to have 25 videos by the end of 2011.